- Advanced Casing System


Package description:

Pipe, casing, tolls and accessories for geothermal drilling through overburden using DTH technique, from the rotary drive to the bottom of the bore hole. For use with any type of drilling rig equipped with air package. Drilling through any ground conditions. Right handed, Threaded and Retrievable Casing.

 The Package Consumable Cost:

 Estimated Advance Casing System Life 5,000
 Estimated DTH Hammer Life 18,000
 Estimated Drill Pipe Life      80,000
 Number of Drill Tube Used  30
 Estimated Casing Life  60000
 Number of Casing Used     15
 Advance Casing System cost $8,600.00
 DTH Hammer 4"  $3,950.00
 Drill Tube Cost 10 feet x 27/8" dia. (each)      $269.00
 Casing cost 10 feet x 51/2" dia (each)      $280.00
 Advance Casing System cost ( x foot) $1.72
 DTH Hammer Cost ( x foot) $0.22
 Drill Steel Cost ( x foot) $0.10
 Casing cost ( x foot) $0.07
 The Package Consumable Cost per foot:       $2.04
 The Package Consumable Cost per hour:  $183.56

Package Configuration:
 Overburden Drilling Concept

 Discharge head (upper diverter)  
 DTH hammer, qty 2
 Pilot bit, to drill and to guide the drillstring, for medium and medium hard formation, qty 1
 Casing shoe that is welded onto the casing pipe  
 Ring bit to drill the hole (together with the pilot bit) and make room for the casing to advance down the hole, qty 1

Pipe and Casing

 An adapter, from Rotary drive to Geothermal inner tube (pls specify your rotary head saver sub thread), qty 2
 Geothermal inner tube 10 ft length, qty 30
 Geothermal inner tube 5 ft length,   qty 2
 Geothermal inner tube to DTH hammer adapter, qty 2
 Casing Right Hand Speed Thread 10 ft length, qty 15
 Casing Right Hand Speed Thread 5 ft length, qty 5
 Casing Right Hand Speed Thread 2 ft length, qty 3

The following is to drill after is casing is install

 DTH hammer 3” or 3 1/2 “, qty 2
 DTH bit, for hard and very hard formation qty 5

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