- DTH Air Package

Pipe, tolls and accessories for geothermal drilling using DTH technique,
from the rotary drive to the bottom of the bore hole.

The Package Consumable Cost:

 Estimated DTH bit Life       2,000
 Estimated DTH Hammer Life     12,000
 Estimated Drill Pipe Life       80,000
 Number of Drill Tube Used   30
 Bit Cost   $615.00
 DTH Hammer       $3,500.00
 Drill Tube Cost 10 feet x 27/8" dia. (each) $269.00
 Bit Cost ( x foot)     $0.23
 DTH Hammer Cost ( x foot)       $0.38
 Drill Steel┬áCost ( x foot)       $0.10
 The Package Consumable Cost per foot: $0.70
 The Package Consumable Cost per hour: $63.07

 Package Configuration:

 An Adapter, from Rotary drive to Geothermal rod  (pls specify your rotary head saver sub thread), qty 2
 Drill pipe 10 ft length, qty 30
 Drill pipe 5 ft length,   qty 2
 Geothermal pipe to DTH hammer adapter, qty 2
 DTH hammer, qty 2
 DTH bit, for soft and medium soft formation qty 1
 DTH bit, for medium and medium hard formation  qty 3
 DTH bit, for hard and very hard formation   qty 3

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