Atlas Copco Air Compressor XRVS1000CD

Atlas Copco Air Compressor XRVS1000CD
Atlas Copco portable diesel powered air compressor XRVS 1000 CD


Standard Scope of Supply  

The Atlas Copco portable diesel powered air compressors XRVS 1000 Cd are two-stage oil-injected asymmetrical rotary screw type air compressors, driven by an six-cylinder in V, liquid-cooled Caterpillar C13 ACERT Tier III diesel engine, enclosed in a strong and silenced galvanized steel canopy.
Unit is standard equipped with a 100% spillage-free containment base, with all drains centrally located for ease of maintenance.
Control panel interface has 4-line LED readout alongside conventional analogue gauges. Diagnostic LED readout is pre-programmed in eleven (11) languages, displaying complete operating, warning and shutdown diagnostics.
Canopy roof has access panel to Oil Separator allowing changeover in less than one hour.

Essential Data

XRVS 1000 CD
Free Air Delivery
Normal Working Pressure
Compression Stages
975 cfm
365 psig
Dimensions ( LxWxH ) inches

Weight (dry / wet) lbs.

192" x 84" x 96" Wagon Wheel Version
222" x 84" x 99" Tandem

11,552 / 12,566 Wagon Wheel Version
13,310 / 14,630 Tandem

Compressed air is available from one 2" valve.


Units manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards, with Free Air Delivery in full accordance to ISO 1217 ed.3 1996 annex D
Produced in accordance with ISO 14001
All units are delivered with test certificates regarding:
- air delivery pressure and capacity
- full compliance to the European Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC
- pressure vessel approval (ASME)
Units are silenced to 74 dB(A) at 7m.

Safety Devices


Full Diagnostic Electronic Fault Memory Control Panel delivered with each unit.

The units are provided with an external flashing lamp warning when:
- fuel level is low
- air filters require maintenance and, automatic stop device when:
- engine coolant temp to high
- fuel level is too low
- engine coolant temp to low
- engine oil pressure is to low
- discharge air temp is to high


The engine is a Caterpillar model C13 ACERT, liquid-cooled, V-6 turbo-charged and aftercooled
diesel engine. Tier III
Output: (432 HP) at 1800 rpm
All engines meets Tier III emission regulations

Fuel cells are detachable.


The units are delivered as standard on a four wheel tandem or wagon style undercarriage, skid version, or EXU less undercarriage version for utility type mounting.
Four wheel tandem and wagon undercarriages are standard equipped with a parking brake, dedicated forklift slots, and tiedowns.
Optional ABS pneumatic brakes are also available.
All trailers are fitted with MOT Approved road signalisation package.



The following options are available for each of the above-noted compressors :

- Aftercooler + Water separator package
- Above + Reheater
- Above + Fine filters
- Refinery equipment
- Cold start packages
- Multi manifold with 4 x 1" outlet valves
- Electric fuel pump
- Customer colours