DH103 Automatic Drop Hammer

DH103 Automatic Drop Hammer
DH103 Automatic Drop Hammer.



Collect Standard Penetration Test (SPT) blow counts

• Easy on / Easy off design!
• Conforms to ASTM Standards D1586-99.
• Consistent results with no human error.
• No cables or ropes needed for operation.
• Hammer cannot be"dry fired" (must be on a rod string) or fired in the horizontal position for operator safety.
• Hammer swings over hollow stem augers...no need to reposition the whole machine.
• Throw height can be adjusted within seconds.
• Use your Geoprobe® track machine for both environmental AND geotechnical projects.
• Used to perform Standard Penetration Test (SPT) which is the most common in situ geotechnical test in the U.S.
• SPT blow count results are used by engineers for obtaining strength and density properties of soil, designing foundations, and defining earthquake sensitive soils. Drop Hammer Operation
• Powered from auxiliary hydraulics on the probing machine
• Drops 140 pound (64 kg) weight 30 inches (762 mm)
• 60 blows per minute driving rate
• Accurate, repeatable results
• The anvil impact surface and all moving parts are enclosed for safety
• Easy on and off requires one pin to be pulled — no bolts to keep track of
• Hammer can be mounted or detached within minutes using the probe machine's winch
• Hammer can safely be stored upright on storage base for small footprint and easy access Automatic Drop Hammer Specifications Weight (hammer only - ASTM D1586) 140 lb 63.5 kg Weight (hammer unit) 470 lb 213 kg Height (transport) 63 in 1,600 m Width (transport) 20 in 508 mm Depth (transport) 14.5 in 368 mm Cabinet Float/Travel Distance 31 in 787 mm Maximum Percussion Rate 60 blows per minute Hydraulic Flow Rate 13 gpm 50 Lpm Hydraulic Pressure Rating 2,500 psi 172 bar