Atlas Copco Air Compressor XAS185JD

Atlas Copco Air Compressor XAS185JD
XAS185JD steel version on wheels with block heater


Standard Scope of Supply  
The Atlas Copco XAS185 JD is a single stage oil-injected asymmetrical rotary screw type air compressor, powered by an EPA conforming liquid-cooled four-cylinder John Deere 4024 diesel engine. The unit will consist of air compressor, diesel engine, radiator, oil cooler, lubrication system and control system - all enclosed within a sound dampened, to 74dB(A) @ 7m, strong steel canopy. Essential Data XAS185 JD

Essential Data

Free Air Delivery
Normal Working Pressure
Maximum Working Pressure
185 cfm
102 psig
125 psig
Dimensions ( LxWxH ) inches
Weight ( wet ) lbs.
122 x 57 x 60

Compressed air is available from 2 x 3/4" outlet valves.

The XAS 185 JD is manufactured based upon ISO 9001 Standards.
The unit is delivered with test certificates regarding:
- air delivery pressure and capacity
- sound power level, compliant to EPA and EEC limits
- pressure vessel approval (ASME)

The John Deere 4024TF270, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 49HP, diesel engine provides ample power
to drive the compressor continuously at full-load.
Rated power, in accordance to SAE Standard #J-1349, shall be 49 BHP at 2800 rpm.
Fuel tank shall be 25 US Gal. capacity, sufficiently sized to operate the unit for 8-9 hours.
Engine incorporates a spin-off full flow filter with 25 micron element.

Cooling System
The cooling system is of suitable design and capacity for continuous operation of the machine in
ambient conditions of 50 degrees Celcius, with doors closed. Coolers are of side-by-side
configuration for ease of maintenance and cooling efficiency. Coolant is winterized to -40 degrees

Air / Oil Reservoir (Pressure Vessel)
Manufactured to ASME Standards and stamped accordingly, designed for 150 psig maximum
working pressure, is equipped with a sealed high pressure safety relief valve, minimum pressure
nozzle, and automatic blow-down valve. The compressor has an operating range of 58 psig through
123 psig.

Electrical System
Unit is equipped with a 12 Volt negative ground electrical starting system, complete with 625 CCA
maintenance free battery. The alternator has minimum 65 amp capacity with built-in voltage regulator.

Instrument panel is located on front, curb side of the compressor housing, with gauges in one
grouping, including:
- hourmeter
- discharge air pressure gauge
- fuel level gauge
The control panel incorporates a fault indicator lamp for automatic shutdowns for:
- low engine oil pressure
- high engine coolant temperature
- high discharge air temperature
Starting is done through a single motion rotary start switch with override protection.

The compressor is mounted on a heavy-duty one piece unibody frame of welded steel construction,
with tow bar, single axle torsion bar suspension with F78-14 tires. The tow bar is equipped with an
adjustable height retractable stand leg, 3" pintle hook up, and safety chains, road signalization as