Boart Longyear NW Casing

Boart Longyear NW Casing
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NW Casing 3 m


NW Casing 0.6 m


NW Casing 1,5 m



Casing: W Thread

  This casing is intended for single use or situations where the casing is left in the hole. The W casing is made from DCDMA C80 tubing and utilize the DCDMA W thread form. The W thread is a straight thread (4 threads per inch). This casing is universal in design and can be used in any drilling application where threaded casing is required to be left in the ground. .

- Parallel wall tubing compatible with
  Q Wireline in-hole tools
- Standard DCDMA W sizes allow ‘nesting’
  of other W casing
- Double-butt joint gives strength in
  driving and jarring

Boart Longyear NW Casing