Hand Held Button Bit Grinder

Hand Held Button Bit Grinder
Pneumatic Handheld Button Bit Grinder


Regrinding for Profit:
• Longer bit life.
• Reduce bit failure and hammer damage.
• Reduce bit inventory.

Increase drilling efficiency thru frequent regrinding of dull drill bits.
Spindle Speed 22,000 RPM
Air Pressure 90 - 115 PSI
Air Consumption 30 CFM
Air Hose 3/8" ID - 8 feet of hose with fitting
Coolant Supply Water thru spindle and tool
Coolant Hose 1/4" diameter - 8 feet of hose with fitting
Water Pressure 25 - 40 PSI - 50 max.
Noise Control Handle Exhaust / Neoprene Sheath
Lubrication* 1/2" line size oiler in air supply line
Grinder Shipping Weight 8 lbs.

*NOTE: Oiler unit does not come with hand grinder.
• It is recommended that a 1/2" line size filter-oiler-regulator unit be used.
• Above items can be supplied as optional items.

Filter - Regulator - Lubricator The filter-regulator-lubricator assembly is a heavy-duty unit. The bowls are made of metal to prevent damage to them.
• 1/2" pipe size: HG-105 grinder
• Flow range: 3.5 to 100 SCFM
• Available: Heavy duty assembly and Standard duty assembly