Reverse Circulation Drill Rods Faber Thread

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Reverse Circulation Drill Rods Faber Thread

Heavy duty RC Drill Rods Faber Thread.

The pipe is Faber Thread Pin-Box with field replaceable inner tube and cir clip retention system.This product can be used in the following Reverse Circulation systems:

RC Tricone System
Conventional RC System
Tri-Cone RC System Conventional RC System

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Anti-rotation pin, secures longer life of the rod and inner tube. Centralizers along the inner tube. For less vibration, when drilling with tricone bits. External OD on the outer sleeve is 114 mm and 119mm on the tool joint. Inner tube is 2-1/2" so it permits a straight and smooth flow, no excessive wear due to tube inner section restriction and better sample evacuation is obtained.

The advantages of the FABER ™ system include the following:
- No connector tubes – inner tubes mate up automatically as the pipe is made up - Replaceable inner tubes – field replaceable with circlip system - Unique Tri layer heat treating provides "super long life" - FABER ™ thread design – won't cross thread - Proven Product quality in the most difficult drilling in the world - This pipe is lighter than other competitors' with a torque strength more than three times the API required limits (Certified Engineering reports are available)