Coring Drill Head Assembly

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Coring Drill Head Assembly
Coring Rotary Drill Head


Drilling Supply Store pleased to propose for your review the Coring Rotary Head. This is the strongest coring drill head on the market. It can drill over 5000-6000ft, everything depends on:
a) Diamond drill size?
b) Diamond accessories size?.
c) Hydraulic power available (Flow and pressure).
d) Size of the hydraulic motor.

Our H coring head coupled with12 tons chuck and P coring head coupled with 19 tons chuck.

• Coring Rotary Head: ( Funk speed transmission)
* 1st gear: max torque 4561 lbs-ft (6184 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-196 rpm
* 2nd gear: max torque 2181 lbs-ft (2957 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-410 rpm
* 3rd gear: max torque 1183 lbs-ft (1604 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-756 rpm
* 4th gear: max torque 688 lbs-ft (933 Nm) 4000psi (275bar) 0-1300 rpm

 • Chuck; model 12HH