Multipurpose (RC Core) Drill Head

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Multipurpose (RC Core) Drill Head
Dual Mode Multipurpose Reverse Circulation and Coring Drill Rotary Head.
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This Reverse Circulation Coring Drill Head be a very good solution for someone, who wants to occupy the drill at 80% on RC and at 20% on Coring.

* 1st gear: max torque 5400lbf-ft (8135Nm at 4500 psi (310 bar) 0-250 rpm
* 2nd gear: max torque 926lbf-ft (1255Nm at 4500 psi (310 bar) 0-1300 rpm

Drilling techniques                                                  Applications 
Down-the-hole hammer                                         Mining exploration 
Reverse Circulation Drilling                                   Water well drilling 
Diamond Core Drilling                                            Foundations 
Rotary Tricone                                                           Other

DIMENSIONS  Gear ratio 
High: 2.29:1 
Low: 12:1 
Output shaft ID: 3.88" (98.6 mm)

Weight: 525 lbs. (238 Kg)

The next parts are included in this package:
- Quill rod (we can remove from the package on demand)
- RC floating spindle
- Inner tube
- Saving sub
- Small lubricating pump
- Manometer
- 5 Nylon Teflon keys.
**Some gears internally are added on the gear box with the shifting stick, core body is the same to get 2 speeds**

Optional equipment

- Swivel break-out and break-out Jaws 0-200mm
- Clamps & Guide centralizer 0-200mm
- Air swivel
- Blow back system(Conditional to hydaulic set-up)
- Hydraulic Motor c/w constant power control