Reverse Circulation Drill Head Assembly

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Reverse Circulation Drill Head Assembly
This Reverse Circulation (RC) Rotary Drill Head can be used in the following Reverse Circulation systems:
RC Tricone System   
Tri-Cone RC System


This Reverse Circulation Drill Head is the best solution for someone, who wants to occupy the drill at 100% on Reverse Circulation ( RC ) for a long time.

  • Torque capacity: 4751 lb-ft <> 6431 Nm at 4000 psi (275 bar) 0-250 rpm
  • Rotation speed: 0-250 rpm
  • Automatic constant rotation power control

The next parts are included in this package:

  • Quill rod (we can remove from the package on demand)
  • RC floating spindle
  • Inner tube - Saving sub
  • Mounting plate for Coring
  • Small lubricating pump
  • Manometer
  • 5 Nylon Teflon keys.

Optional equipment

  • Swivel break-out and break-out Jaws 0-200mm
  • Clamps & Guide centralizer 0-200mm
  • Air swivel
  • Blow back system(Conditional to hydaulic set-up)
  • Hydraulic Motor c/w constant power control