Universal Water Swivel Assembly

Universal Water Swivel Assembly



    • Long-wearing wash tube and packing.Spring loading provides self-adjusting gland packing.
    • Compact dimensions and light weight.
    • Weep holes prevent any leakage past the packing from reaching the bearing, and also indicate packing condition to the operator.
    • Specially designed bearing lubrication conducts contaminants away from the bearing and relieves excess lubrication pressure.
    • Easy servicing. Swivel can be disassembled with pipe wrenches, a screw driver, C spanner and soft mallet which makes packing or wash tube replacement a matter of minutes.
    • Suitable for use with water, drilling mud,foam or air.
    • Subs are available to adapt to all current DCDMA rods and casing and the Q wireline system.

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