Drilling equipment are very essential for construction purpose, mining purposes. Even to create a hole in a wall to install a beautiful picture, you need a drilling machine. You can hire a professional to complete that. But he may charge some amount of money to do this task. So, it is better to do this job yourself. It is not at all a hectic and tiring job. Moreover, a good quality drilling machine makes it easy for you to complete the task without any hassle. Drilling rig is available in affordable prices. It is used mainly for drilling natural gas wells, water wells. It can also be used for testing soil, rocks for different reasons. Big drilling rigs are used for creating tunnels. It is one of the most important tools used for different construction and extraction purposes. Rig is basically an instrument to penetrate the earth surface.

Drilling rigs comes in large, small and portable shapes. Generally, large drills are used in drilling water wells, environmental investigations and mineral extraction purposes. It is one of the effective tools used by the geologists and the archeologists to discover the hidden things from the earth’s crust. It is designed in such a way so that it can reach deep into the earth’s crust. While creating large “mud pumps”, drilling rigs are used. Heavy tones of pipe can be lifted by the drilling rigs. Marine rigs are also very helpful. It can operate from hundreds of kilometers or miles away from the supply base. Only proper crew rotation is required to complete this process.

Drilling rigs are also common tools used in the petroleum sectors. Special rigs are used for digging out petroleum. It is developed in such a way so that it can drill hundreds and thousands of feet. Natural Gas drilling rigs are used to identify geologic reservoirs. It is also used to crate holes. The oil and the natural gases are extracted from these holes. Primarily in gas and onshore oil fields drilling rigs are used.

In the past, some different types of drilling tools were used. But in the recent times, drilling rigs are created with higher quality. Some of the popular light drilling rigs are similar to mobile crane. It is mainly used to drill water wells.

To bore or drill piles, small mobile drilling rigs are used. It comes both in 100 ton CFA (continuous flight auger) and small air powered rigs which is used to create holes in quarries.

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