Reverse Circulation Drill Rods 7 in OD

Reverse Circulation Drill Rods 7 in OD
Heavy duty RC Drill Rod, 7 inches.
This product can be used in the following Reverse Circulation systems:
RC Tricone System 7in
Conventional RC System
Tri-Cone RC System Conventional RC System

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- The reverse circulation drill rod has four threads which adds to machine operating time. The purpose of the two extra threads is to allow the inner tube to be replaced in the field. It also allows the driller to replace the box tool joint with a new tool joint, without welding and can be done at the site. - We use heat threaded 4130 alloy tool joints; this alloy allows driller to employ a hardfacing program without fear of embitterment. We use a microalloy midsection (midbody), ST52V, 90KS1 MIL VLD possessing a superior abrasion resistance. - Our inner tube midsection (midbody) is a heavy-wall mechanical tube, not a pipe. The inner tube is fixed and won't vibrate under most conditions. The inner tube ends are made from a heat treated alloy and the male end is machine finished after welding for perfect alignment. - The o-ring retainers absorb the percussion forces to eliminate problems arising from the transfer of vibration and torque loads to the outer pipe.