Tri-Cone RC System 7in

Dual-Wall Reverse Circulation Tricone Rotary System

High pressure air is forced down the annular space between the inner and outer pipes and lifts the cuttings up the inner tube. Top head drive rotates the entire drill string including the tricone roller bit. The diagram below displays the different components of the Dual-Wall RC rotary system as well as the airflow circulation within the pipe:

Rock Bit adapter

Please choose below which parts of the Dual-wall reverse circulation rotary system you're intrested in:

Top Head  

Rock Bit Adapter

A Rock Bit Adapter, also referred to as a roller bit sub or bladder sub, is positioned at the bottom of the rod string in an RC tri-cone system, connecting the string and the bit. It is available in the configuration as a sub with fitted inner tube to allow the sample to be directed up the inner tube to the surface for collection in an exploration system. Please see below which adapter is right for your setup:


7" x 4" Swivel Adaptor

Top Head Inner Tube  
  Rock Bit Adapter

Rock Bit Adapter I. T.

Swivel Adaptor Inner Tube

7" x 4" Rock Bit Adapter Q - Thrd. Body


7" x 4" Rock Bit Adapter O Ring Body

Saver Sub    

7" x 4" Wear Sleeve

RC Rods   Aerator Sub  

7" x 4" Dual Tube Pipes

7" x 4" Aerator